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How To : Install Previous Versions of Adobe CC Software

i use Adobe Creative Suite a lot in my study and many of the courses release their documentation and lessons using out dated software because they cant keep up with program updates and often students find themselves in a rough patch because the instructions given don’t match the program version in use, most students install the latest software by default and they get discouraged from continuing their study as it gets confusing and harder to replicate and complete their tasks according to the classroom or course specifications

Lucky for us there is a solution

Adobe Creative Cloud  has the option to install older versions of this software as long as you are using the latest version of the Adobe Creative Cloud App

Step 1.

Run Creative Cloud

Click on Apps

Navigate Down the List  Click on Filters & Versions


Select from the Menu Previous Versions – as below


Your App List will then Update and show the names of all the Apps that have Versions that are not installed

Click on Install for the App you wish to install a new version of

You will then have a menu where you can choose one of the previous versions available to install

see below..

Simply click the version you want and it will be added to the install Queue


and that’s it you have your older version of the software


Have Fun Creating



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