About Me

My Name is Jeremiah Goodbody i am the Director of CLICK-ME-I.T. & Onsite Technical Support in Bendigo Victoria .

This website is my own personal page, a personal space , it is intended to be a place i can talk about anything as well as publish my private work , such as Short Story’s , photos , websites and more.

All works on this site are developed by me and are
(C)opyright of Jeremiah Goodbody & CLICK-ME-I.T. 2012 – Current, all rights reserved , none of this work can be reproduced without my written consent or through retail purchese via my business as a freelance webdesigner at CLICK-ME-I.T.  should you wish to purchase any of my works please contact me via my website contact info.

I intend to develop this site for use as a CV and information page on myself and my skills , Why Call the page Bullfrog in Space | Supernerd well its simple my Wife and close friends call me Supernerd as a bit of a nickname that stuck as for Bullfrog in Space thats the name of my Blog , i had a blog called this years ago via the old MSN space community that is no longer and i thought i would resurect the title and have some fun with it , Stay Tuned as i work on this site it will change and grow

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